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The purpose of this system is to produce the environment without the use of any chemical and complex operating conditions. The size of the viruses is less than 400 nm, which has a very high level compared to their volume. The system produced in this design has infiltrated the viruses by using the same feature, and the external membrane is degraded and disables the virus. In this project ozone produced using cold plasma technology, without the use of chemicals, leads to environmental sterilization. Also, in this system it allows the production of ozone and its transfer to water with different and antiseptic methods in water.

Ozone generators can, apart from disinfecting and disinfection of available and unavailable surfaces, for contaminated water disinfection and even hospital clothing in the laundries of hospital houses and… Used. Ozone generators These days can help other microbes and disinfectants have many kind of helps to reduce the risks of Corona.